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11 Crazy Mexican Old Wives Tales

Some are so out there you gotta try them.

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2. Do Not Scratch You Itchy Palm

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When your palm is itchy that means there is money coming your way. So scratching only drives the money away. Instead when you palm itches, put your hands in your pocket, or place any coins or dollar bills you have and squeeze it in your palm until the itchy feeling goes away.

3. El Mal Sal (The Bad Salt)

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When you ask someone to pass you salt, they can't just hand it to you. Gawd no! They first have to set the salt down near you, then you pick it up. If you take the salt from someone's hand, that is bad luck, it is taking their bad luck. That's why you set the salt down first then pick it up. Duh!!

4. Full Moon/Eclipse = Bad For Pregnant People

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If there is a full moon/eclipse going on while your pregnant, then you have to protect your baby, by covering your stomach with some sort of metal. Normally women put safety pins along their underwear or pants and wear all red. I know right, so EMO!!! This done because it is believed that the moon can cause your baby to be born with a deformity or a cleft lip. This myth dates back to the Aztecs.

5. Mal de Ojo (The Evil Eye)

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It is believed that a baby being admired and not touched, can leave them with a haunting feeling. This is known as the "Ojo." When this happens, the baby get fussy and cries. To cure the baby of the "Ojo," is to rub an egg all over the baby, then crack the egg open in a glass of water. By doing this you are exposing the evil that was once upon your baby.

6. Dogs Can Give You A Sty

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Yup, my dad used to tell me this all the time. If you watch a dog poop then you will wake up the next morning with a sty in your eye. No known cure for that, expect stop watching dogs poop, ya nasty!

7. Wet Stomach = Drunk Hubby/Wife

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So when your washing the dishes, and your stomach gets wet, then that means you will marry someone who is a drunk or drinks heavily. Either you marry is a drunk, or maybe you just wash dishes super messy. Who knew washing dishes would tell you what type of person you will marry.

8. Don't Set Your Purse On the Floor Or On Top Of the Table

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It is considered bad luck if you set your purse on the floor or on the the tabletop. It is as if you are giving your money away. You should keep your purse guarded or close to you at all times.

9. Don't Let Your B.F. Buy You Clothes

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A car? Why not. Shoes? I'm not gonna deny that. Jewelry? Okay. Clothes? No Way! If your boyfriend buys you clothes, than that means you two are not anything serious. You will not last together. To him you are not important, but then again why would he buy you clothes? Hmm...

10. No Sleep After A Hit On The Head

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You are to never fall asleep right after getting hit on the head or falling and hitting your head. It is important that you do not fall asleep, because then you can fall into a coma or get a concussion.

11. Sábila (Aloe) Cures Everything

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Every Mexican granny has a plant growing in her front yard. This one legit is probably true. Whether you have a sun burn or you need to moisturize, or you need to boost your immune system or minimize a scar, sábila is the answer.

Did I leave anything out? Or do you have old wives tales from a different country or culture? Let me know!

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