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Don't Think, Just Watch "The UCB Show" Right Now

It's like being at the UCB Theatre, except you don't have to get off your couch! Bonus: It's streaming now, only on Seeso!

Hey, comedy fans! The original Upright Citizens Brigade is back with a brand-new show!!!

The UCB Show is an original weekly variety show featuring hilarious stand-up comedians and sketch groups performing in front of a real, live audience at The UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.

You'll see some famous comedians that you recognize...

...up-and-coming comedians that you'll soon recognize...

...hilarious comedy sketches that will make your head spin...

...and more jokes, gags, wacky characters, funny costumes, hilarious wigs, prat falls, puns, and laughs than you can count.

You'll also be introduced to gut-busting original characters...

...amazing impressions...

...and the brightest comedy minds of tomorrow using their stage time wisely.

In summation: It's like watching a live show at a world-renowned comedy theater, minus the part where you have to actually get off the couch and go anywhere!

Images courtesy of United Comedy Broadcasters/Seeso

The UCB Show is a Seeso Original, so sign up now to satisfy all your comedy cravings!

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