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11 Signs You Really Need A Day Of Ha

Sometimes you just need to laugh for 24 hours straight. Luckily, you can binge-watch great comedy for FREE all day long on February 21, thanks to Seeso!

1. Now that football is over, you spend your Sundays sitting and crying in silence.

2. Every time you start to feel happy, you suddenly remember that embarrassing thing that happened to you 12 years ago.

3. You've watched over 85 hours of political debates, and you're terrified.

4. Someone changed your ringtone to fart noises, and nobody will help you figure out how to change it back.

5. Your dog died. Sure, it was 23 years ago, but that kinda thing sticks with you.

6. Your boss always calls you "Lennis," which is not even close to your actual name, and also not a real name at all.

7. Your dating life is in shambles.

8. It's a leap year, and you have an irrational fear of extra days.

9. One time when you were little, your brother tricked you into eating a toothpaste sandwich, and now you cry and pee your pants whenever you see bread.

10. No matter how hard you try, you just CANNOT figure out how magic works.

11. You've literally run out of things to binge-watch.

Celebrate the Day of Ha on February 21 by binge-watching great comedy for FREE all day long on Seeso!

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