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    About That "Master Of None" Religion Episode

    Aziz Ansari's Master of None tackles questions around religion, parents, and barbecue pork in an ambitious episode that doesn't always hit the mark. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead.)

    This week, BuzzFeed's See Something Say Something podcast digs into Master of None's "Religion" episode.

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    Ahmed, Abid Anwar, and Bim Adewunmid talk about why Navid's sudden pork addiction isn't believable, moments that remind them of their own family, and whether Dev knows he’s an asshole.

    Listen to a bit of that conversation here...

    We talked about Master of None on @seesomething & why it's a bit unrealistic for Dev's cousin to go from zero-to-po…

    ...and check out the full episode of See Something Say Something below. Don't forget to subscribe!

    And be warned: There are a ton of spoilers for this one episode, and light spoilers for the rest of the season.