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    16 Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

    Have you had your heart melted lately?

    1. This Dog Starting A New Diet

    2. This Little Guy That Has Had Enough

    3. This Dog That Made An Unexpected Friend

    4. This Kitten

    5. And This Baby Monkey

    6. And This Baby Polar Bear In The Snow For The First Time

    7. This Even Babier Polar Bear

    8. These Baby Birds Learning To Fly

    9. This Panda Cat That Is Not Having It

    10. This B-E-A-utiful Family

    11. This Husky That Got A Little Chilly

    12. These Newborn Hedgehogs

    13. This Loving Sloth

    14. This Monkey On A Tire Swing

    15. These Best Friends

    16. And This Baby Sleeping Turtle