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The Addiction Of Scrolling: 5 Things That Instagram Taunts You To Try

Do you ever stop to question why you continue scrolling through celebrity posts on instagram? Or why we try to make ourselves into this ideal image of an internet created female mold? We are all guilty of doing one or all of these ridiculous things seen on instagram. The truth that everyone wants to avoid is that we are becoming living molds of instagrams' creation of the female being. Through our endless hours devoted to scrolling through feeds of celebrity posts and the newest fashion trends we are feeling the need to be this society created definition of sexy. In the end, we have nobody to blame but ourselves since we are the ones spreading, reposting, liking and sharing these posts. We seem to be the problem and the solution to what we have created through instagram.

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2. The return of the waist cincher/corset, now known as a waist "trainer."

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The teeny tiny waist that every girl should have because, hey, it is on instagram and everyone is doing it! Instagram has shown us a way to look slimmer, why not try it?

3. The art of makeup and the deceiving lies it tells.

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Contouring, because every girl should have the perfect cheek bones, nose and even skin. It is cheaper then surgery and I am sure you have tried it or watched a Youtube video on how to achieve it.

4. The magical hair pill.

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The newest craze, sugar bear hair pills because every female wants and should have luxurious hair. If you have not ordered this cute, little, edible bear, I am sure you have at least read the reviews!

5. Kylie Jenner: Lip Kit

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Last but not least, because I am sure the list is endless, Kylie Jenners perfect lips and incredible lip kit. I mean, every woman should have voluptuous lips. If you have not tried her products, you have researched them or laughed at the many people who have tried to achieve her lip look without the surgery.

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