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For Your Consideration - Streamy Awards 2013

The best of the web is looking for your nomination for the 2013 Streamy Awards. Well internet, for your consideration I present School and Board. This hilarious web series takes aim at the public school system with comical results. Watch and Nominate!

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School and Board Ep.1

Superintendent Rowbinski receives news that Harrison High School principal Wade Simms has been indicted for test tampering, bribing students, betting on student football games and growing marijuana on the school grounds. The school board quickly considers several candidates to replace the principal, finding it hard to make a good decision amongst those "qualified."

School and Board Ep.2

The school board must select a project that puts the rainy day fund to best use. When selfish priorities leave them deadlocked, Superintendent Rowbinski opens deliberations to the public. Chaos ensues as community members passionately demand money to support their pet projects.

School and Board Ep.3

A student journalist publishes a piece revealing the secret of Upshot County's district-wide low test scores. The board must act decisively to both solve and conceal the problem.

School and Board Ep.4

The Upshot County School Board is unveiling a new statue to go in front of the administration building. No one has seen it, and Superintendent Rowbinsky is concerned about what could be awaiting them. During the reveal, the superintendent receives a troubling phone call from the state board.

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