Tumblr vs. A New "Teen Wolf" Episode

Abandon rationality, ye who enter tumblr on Monday. Here there be FEELS.

I have seen, maybe, 3 episodes of Teen Wolf? I think it’s a pretty good show, with some awesome actors.

But what I really love is how much tumblr loves it.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Here there be feels (and possible spoilers).

1. Every Monday, the Teen Wolf fandom expires in a fire of FEELS.


Let’s look at the cycle.

3. Halfway through the week…the fandom tries to get ready.

4. Posts start flooding in reminding us that the actors are cool…

Aww…adorbs cast is aborbs.

5. …devastatingly attractive…

Ok, even I know Jackson’s not in this season but apparently, he’s just too damn pretty not to find his way into season 3 reblogging.

7. …and are generally happy and goofy and NOT THEIR EMOTIONALLY SUFFERING CHARACTERS.

Look at them, all smiles and goofieness and not bleeding angst.

8. Jeff Davis trolls the fandom.

There is an official Teen Wolf tumblr and they have way too much fun with it, including Q&A sessions with producer/writer/creator/ Jeff Davis.

9. Quite a lot actually.

10. Even the actors troll the fandom.

11. The fandom starts to worry a bit.

12. But, y’now, it’s fine, we’re ready for the next episode, bring it, LET’S GO!

“Livestream? Anyone got a working livestream?”

13. Feelin’ pretty cocky actually…

“I can handle it this week, my family/my roommates/the general public won’t think I’ve gone insane or hand me a paper bag. I got this.”

Then, out of nowhere…MONDAY.

NOBODY is ready and EVERYONE is nervous.

14. “OH GOD OH GOD ohgodohgod it’s MONDAY.”

15. People try to stay calm. “No tears. No tears. No tears.”

16. But then the episode begins and all bets are off. Liveblogging begins.

17. Someone will point out a badass character.

18. One character usually gets held up as this week’s hero.

Last week: Melissa McCall.

19. The fandom gets confused about who to ship.

Wait, was that a Stydia moment? Dethan? Sterek? What?


20. A few insider jokes will go around.

21. The hotness of the cast will distract us.

22. But mostly the fandom is on edge, because soon enough…

“Sweet baby Jesus, this is nerve-wrecking.”

23. BAM! Someone dies/has a tragic past revealed/is tortured/etc.


Livebloggers revert to freaking out and posting angsty pictures and gifs.

25. It is established, reestablished, and re-re-reestablished that DEREK DOESN’T GET TO BE HAPPY.


26. This gif makes its rounds.

27. “Help…bleeding…FEELS.”

28. More Official Trolling.

Hahahaha, but actually.

29. People seem to realize Season 3 exists to PUNCH them in the FEELS.

30. Meanwhile, other fandoms look on from the sidelines…

…say the Sherlock, Supernatural, and Dr. Who fandoms.

31. “Red eyes? THEY’RE FROM WEEPING.”

32. “No more, nope, I’m going to go watch something that doesn’t tear my heart out.”

33. And yet: “It’s incongruous but we’ll continue to watch this show that rips our hearts out.”

34. This quote gets reblogged over and over again.

35. Then, the episode ends.

36. Emotional shock sets in.

37. Confusion sets in.

38. Then anger: “Who’s responsible for this? WHO? WHO WROTE/PRODUCED/CONSULTED WITH SATAN?”


Jeff Davis gets Moffat-like amounts of resentment directed at him.

40. “THAT’S IT? ROAR!!…wait, promo?”

41. “PROMO.”

42. People frantically try and understand/predict/deal with said promo.

43. Finally, after hours of analysis and recapping…

44. …it’s recovery time!!! Fan-fiction and ice cream, let’s go.

ALL the AUs your broken heart can desire.

And funny cast pics.

And a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Maybe two.

45. Next day: “It’s cool, I’m cool, everything’s fine.”

“I’ve completely forgotten the crippling pain and anguish.”

Fanfiction + ice cream = retcon.

46. But lurking around the corner…Monday waits to strike again…

“Mwhahahahaha” ~ MTV

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