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    10 Fantasy Authors Who Fight The Patriarchy, Gender-Stereotypes, And Possibly Dragons

    These writers know that being a hero isn't about gender and that gals are just as powerful, smart, flawed, and awesome as guys. So grab a sword, summon your magic, and get ready to fight evil.

    Growing up, I was the kid with her nose in a book, usually of the magical variety. And y'know what? They taught me a lot about what a girl can do when she's stubborn, brave, and never gives in to people who tell her she can't. From grade school to high school, here are ten fantasy authors who inspired me.

    10. Gail Carson Levine

    9. Diane Duane

    8. Garth Nix

    7. Anne McCaffrey

    6. Robin McKinley

    5. Jane Yolen

    4. Madeleine L'Engle

    3. Patricia C. Wrede

    2. Mercedes Lackey

    1. Tamora Pierce

    How about you?

    These are my personal favorites: which fantasy authors were you reading growing up?