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Important Duties Of Security Guards To Protect Your Home And Business

The job of a security guard is really challenging and require the personal to be active and well trained as well.

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9 Important Duties of Security Guards to Protect Your Home and Business

A security guard is your first line of defense against burglary, assault and other crimes occurring at your property and business. From monitoring to deterring crime, his duty involves various responsibilities to protect the property and people within. Or, it would be fair to say he is your peace officer at the smaller scale.

Security services may vary from industries to industries, but all security guards, whether they are at store or apartment, are required……..

1) To Be Visible All the Time:

While a presence of security guard offers a sense of security, it would make the criminals and burglars think twice before target that area. In this way, he can deterrent the potential security threats like theft, injury and vandalism with his presence alone. This is why he is appointed at entry, exit and other critical points of the areas he is assigned to.

2) To Stay Vigilant:

A security guard is expected to be alert throughout the duty hours to sense the risks. Therefore, he should possess very keen senses of sight, hearing, and smelling. For example, he should be able to smell the burning of electrical wires or when there is a chemical leakage. He should be able to detect strange sounds, in case anyone trying to break into. Needless to say he should respond quickly on sensing such potential dangers. That being said, a person who have vision problem or medical condition can’t be fit for the job of security guard.

3) To Provide Efficient Monitoring:

It is the primary duty a security guard to monitor the area he is assigned to. Besides manual observation, CCTV and other surveillance devices are widely used to keep an eye on the activities. If he detects anything suspicious and problematic, he can take the action or call the police. It means that by staying watchful he can avoid many troubles before they can shape up.

4) To Check the Visitors:

A security guard also checks the visitors and their belongings for security purposes before granting them entry. Generally, he uses a metal detector and may ask visitors to show their ID cards.

5) To Provide Quick Response:

A security guard not only senses the threat, but also responds quickly to suppress the risk. If he is unable to react on the time, the situation is likely to go beyond the control to cause damages and risks to the life. And a security guard is the first person to arrive on the spot than the law enforcement agency.

6) To Maintain the Order:

Many clients require security guards to make people follow the rule and guidelines at their facility. For example, they can manage and control the crowd in large events or gatherings to prevent stampedes and crimes.

7) To Meet the Specific Security Needs of the Client:

A security guard can be appointed at the location where security duties can vary from his previous area.

For example, at concert, a security guard has to focus on the mass gathering and the traffic flow. In museums, he has the duty to protect the artifacts and antiques from both damage and theft.

At casinos, a security guard is charged with the duty to lookout for frauds and underage players. Retail store requires security guard to prevent shoplifting while many federal bodies want him to check the entrance of individuals and vehicles, allowing access only to people with proper credentials.

A security guard checks passengers at transportation centers to prevent the supply of illegal and risky materials. Manufacturing facility needs guard to provide protection to their staff and equipment, especially during strikes and vandalism.

So, it is clear that a security guard must be efficient enough to meet the specific needs of the client.

8) To Provide Additional Services:

In some organizations, security guards are required to assist in basic management tasks, besides providing security. If a security guard is at entrance, chances are he may be assigned the duties of receptionist as he is the first to encounter the visitors and escorts them. Similarly, he can guide customers about products while doing duty at retail store. He can also provide first aid, such as CPR, until medical assistance arrives.

Therefore, a security must be friendly and co-operative to do these additional duties.

9) To Offer Safety Warnings and Consultation:

Among the duties of the security guard is to provide security consultations to his client on avoiding security threats. He can guide the people on various security concerns and explain how they can imply his security advice. Besides, he has to make sure all the safety precautions are followed by them.

So, this is all about responsibilities of a security guard, no matter which area or industry he is serving. You must have understood that the job of a security guard is really challenging and require the personal to be active and well trained as well.

Author Bio: Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security service provider in California region.

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