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Top 10 Videos of Hot Girls FAILing On YouTube

What's better than a hot girl and a YouTube stunt FAIL? Hot girls FAILing on YouTube, of course.

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  • 10. Poolside Strut FAIL

    Bikini, check. Stripper shoes, check. 6th margarita, check. Sexy walk.....?

  • 9. Sexy Beach FAIL

    What's more painful-looking than a thong body suit?

  • 8. Trust FAIL?

    Becky, trust me, this move will so get us on the cheerleading team!

  • 7. Slide FAIL

    This bikini chick definitely knows the ingredients for any good YouTube stunt: gravity and a complete lack of judgement.

  • 6. Attention FAIL

    Reality stars and YouTube stars are bound by the same uncontrollable hunger for attention, this hottie totally gets it.

  • 5. Interview FAIL

    This lanky lifeguard has failed right into our hearts....and beach.

  • 4. Celebration FAIL

    Lady Dudeness or Dudette, if you're into the whole brevity thing.

  • 3. Runway FAIL

    Bombshells: they fail just like us!

  • 2. Skateboard FAIL

    How could we forget the cutie-pie Bailey and her epic skateboarding face-plant?

  • 1. Stripper Pole FAIL

    Honestly, the best of all possible worlds.