• 1. Marilyn Monroe

    Perhaps the hottest secret girlfriend of all time…possibly for both Bobby and John F. Kennedy!

  • 2. Stephanie Birkitt

    Yes, this secret girlfriend isn’t so secret anymore after David Letterman’s very public revelation of their in-office affair.

  • 3. Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd

    Mistress to FDR himself, originally hired as personal secretary to Eleanor Roosevelt (can you really blame the guy?).

  • 4. Claire Danes

    Secret girlfriend of actor Billy Crudup, Danes actually tore him away from Mary Louise Parker when she was 7 months pregnant with her son. Yikes.

  • 5. Monica Lewinsky

    Oh c’mon! Did you reeeeally think this list could exist without mentioning that familiar spermy-dressed gf who ruled the 90s!?

  • 6. Anne Boleyn

    Mistress to King Henry VIII, she later had him annul his marriage then marry her. Not so secret afterall….

  • 7. Heidi Fleiss

    Not only was Heidi Fleiss a secret girlfriend to Hollywood royalty like Marlon Brando, she employed a number of ladies of the night that secretly served married men throughout Hollywood.

  • 8. Rielle Hunter

    Hunter is one of the secret girlfriends we really wish had stayed secret — after all, John Edwards’ wife was going through chemo! Too cold.

  • 9. Amy Fisher

    Like most secret girlfriend scenarios, Fisher’s relationship with Joey Buttafuoco did NOT end well, but did result in a somewhat popular sex tape.

  • 10. Camilla Parker Bowles

    Camilla’s decades-long secret girlfriend status to Prince Charles solidified “poor eye sight” on the list of unfortunate genetic traits among British royals. Seriously Charles? You had this.