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24 Things About Britain That Make Germans Go "WTF"

We like you, Britain, but you confuse us.

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5. In what universe are baked beans something you eat for breakfast?

Planning my day out in London today over an English breakfast 😋 #nomnomnom

7. Can't you see it forces us to take extreme measures, like this?

Expert engineering! Not too hot.. not too cold.. just right! #Goldilocks

8. Do you like your toast cold? If not, why did you invent the toast rack?

Now there's a practicle invention, extendable toast rack*trenchers* "@RYAntiques: Aahh lovely.....Saturday morning ”


9. Is it ever too cold for you to wear shorts?

@bengleib In Britain "pants" you wear under your trousers. ALWAYS work in shorts (unless weather is horrendous)

11. Important question: why do your pubs shut so early?

Instagram: @dywyhsm

14. Why does Scotland have different bank notes? Does that not get confusing?

Scotland do vote carefully today do you really want to lose the Scottish Pound

How do we know if the money is real or fake?


17. Custard Cream spread? Seriously?

I finally got the Custard Cream spread!! Only been waiting since last year.... #ThanksTesco #random 😋