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24 Things About Britain That Make Germans Go "WTF"

We like you, Britain, but you confuse us.

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1. Why are you so fond of this bizarrely dressed family?

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

2. Why do your judges wear wigs?

Oli Scarff / Getty

3. How do you know when a bus is coming if the seats face the wrong way?

4. How come your Prime Minister has to live in a terraced house?

Justin Tallis / Getty Images

5. In what universe are baked beans something you eat for breakfast?

Planning my day out in London today over an English breakfast 😋 #nomnomnom

6. What kind of monster has separate taps for hot and cold water?

7. Can't you see it forces us to take extreme measures, like this?

Expert engineering! Not too hot.. not too cold.. just right! #Goldilocks

8. Do you like your toast cold? If not, why did you invent the toast rack?

Now there's a practicle invention, extendable toast rack*trenchers* "@RYAntiques: Aahh lovely.....Saturday morning ”

9. Is it ever too cold for you to wear shorts?

@bengleib In Britain "pants" you wear under your trousers. ALWAYS work in shorts (unless weather is horrendous)

10. Why do you insist on queuing for the bus?

Tal Cohen / Getty Images

11. Important question: why do your pubs shut so early?

Instagram: @dywyhsm

12. Who on earth ever decided beer without foam was acceptable?

AFP / Getty Images

13. How is it even possible for a cricket match to last several days?

Stu Forster / Getty Images

14. Why does Scotland have different bank notes? Does that not get confusing?

Scotland do vote carefully today do you really want to lose the Scottish Pound

How do we know if the money is real or fake?

15. Why is there apparently a different football league for every part of the country?

BBC Sport / Via

16. ... and why do you have four national teams?

Mark Runnacles / Getty Images

17. Custard Cream spread? Seriously?

I finally got the Custard Cream spread!! Only been waiting since last year.... #ThanksTesco #random 😋

18. Why are you so keen on surveillance cameras?

Apparently there's one for every eleven people in Britain.
Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Apparently there's one for every eleven people in Britain.

19. OK, driving on the left was a fun experiment while it lasted, but isn't it time you guys caught up with the rest of the world?

20. Why are you so keen on this whole Brexit idea?

We'll miss you if you leave.
Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

We'll miss you if you leave.

21. And why are you still struggling with conversion to the metric system? It's been decades.

Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

22. Where are we going exactly when we follow signs to The North? Could you be more specific?

Norrie3699 / Getty Images

23. When are you going to get round to closing this gap?

Marianna Massey / Getty Images

24. But the one thing we will never understand: why are your celebrities so much cooler than ours?

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images