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    24 Things That Only The Parents Of Small Children Know

    Soooo tired.

    1. Silence is not a good sign.

    2. Any catastrophe...

    3. ...can always get worse.

    4. Cleaning up is relative.

    5. Some accidents cannot be explained by the laws of nature.

    6. Everything that goes in has to come out.

    7. Love between siblings is a beautiful thing.

    8. Only markers that can be washed off easily should be allowed inside the house.

    9. Always have a spare set of clothes to change into.

    10. Especially for yourself.

    11. Pretty much everything should be kept out of the reach of children.

    12. Use simple tricks to avoid losing track of your kids while you're out running errands.

    13. Every second of sleep...

    14. the most valuable thing...

    15. the whole world.

    16. There's a point where all discussion is over.

    17. Silence is wonderful.

    18. Being a parent doesn't mean having to give up on your hobbies or interests.

    19. At some point, you're no longer in charge, and that's okay.

    20. As long as there's something on their plate, they're not going to starve. What they do with it us up to them.

    21. The best toy your kid has is you.

    22. There's always a right time to go to bed.

    23. And a right time to give your child a sibling.

    24. Nothing is outside the realm of possibility. Nothing.

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