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36 Reasons Why Arizona Is The Best State

Arizona is home to some 6.5 million people. Even though the state often gets a bad rap because of our crazy Governor, Sheriff, and our hot summers, we still have one of the best states in the country!

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4. People think we only have deserts... We have them, and they're gorgeous.

The Sonoran Desert is the only place in the world the Saguaro Cactus grows, one of the most iconic plants.


33. A few hundred miles north you have Flagstaff home to NAU / Via

Flagstaff sits at nearly 7,000 ft in elevation in the middle of the longest continuous Ponderosa Pine forest on the continent.

34. Just south of Flagstaff you have Sedona... Getting it yet? It's called "diversity".

Sedona is known for its natural beauty. It was once dubbed "Arizona's little Hollywood" as many Westerns were shot on location here.

37. Making Arizona a pretty cool place to live

Compared to all the other states out there that are expensive, crowded, boring, cold, or flat…Arizona isn’t so bad. So for all you Arizonians out there, cherish what you call home. After all, some people have to live in states like Oklahoma.

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