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    36 Reasons Why Arizona Is The Best State

    Arizona is home to some 6.5 million people. Even though the state often gets a bad rap because of our crazy Governor, Sheriff, and our hot summers, we still have one of the best states in the country!

    1. Let's be honest, we have one of the coolest state flags

    2. We are the "Grand Canyon State" after all...

    Which happens to be one of The Seven Natural Wonders of The World, no big deal.

    3. Try finding better sunsets. I bet you can't.

    4. People think we only have deserts... We have them, and they're gorgeous.

    The Sonoran Desert is the only place in the world the Saguaro Cactus grows, one of the most iconic plants.

    5. But we're not just deserts, we're also 12,000 foot snow-capped peaks.

    Humphreys Peak stands at 12,637 ft.

    6. In fact, you can be tanning in Phoenix...

    At the fabulous Phoenician Resort

    7. And skiing in Flagstaff just a few hours later

    8. Yes, it snows in Arizona...

    9. A lot...

    10. Oh yeah, sometimes even in those GORGEOUS deserts of ours

    11. But enough about snow. We get sun, lots of it. So everyone has a pool.

    12. So we pretty much have pool parties year round. With a lot of alcohol.

    13. And countless world-renowned golf courses

    14. Feel like drinking more? Float down the Salt River...

    15. Or head to the lake for some boating and to work on your tan.

    16. Just when you've had enough sun, in rolls a Haboob

    A Haboob is a massive quick moving dust storm.

    Photograph by Daniel Bryant

    17. Which is okay... Because you know what's coming. A monsoon!

    18. If the monsoons haven't cooled you enough, head up to the White Mountains where it can be 40 degrees cooler

    19. Or to Havasupai falls. Yes, that's its natural color. Take note, New Jersey.

    20. Or explore the winding waters of Glen Canyon

    21. Adrenaline junky? How about white water rafting down the mighty Colorado River

    22. Check out ancient Native American cliff dwellings. History? Suck it, East Coast.

    23. We have a forest made of stone... No, really!

    The Petrified Forest National Park is filled with fossilized trees dating back 225 million years.

    24. Check out this giant crater...

    Meteor Crater was created over 50,000 years ago. It is also noted as being the best preserved crater on the planet.

    25. Oh look, one of the Man-Made Wonders of the World, the Hoover Dam. More like Hoover DAMN![1].jpg

    Yes it's also shared with our ugly sister Nevada.

    26. But don't forget our great cities, Phoenix being the 5th largest in the nation.

    27. Which is efficient and extremely clean for a major city.

    28. And everyone knows Tempe...

    29. Because it's home to Arizona State, the #1 party school! / Via

    Boasting an impressive student body of over 73,000!

    30. We throw big parties on Mill Avenue next to ASU.

    31. Or head to Old Town Scottsdale for trendy night clubs.

    Often described as one of the top nightlife scenes in the country

    32. A hundred miles south you have Tucson. Home to UofA

    33. A few hundred miles north you have Flagstaff home to NAU / Via

    Flagstaff sits at nearly 7,000 ft in elevation in the middle of the longest continuous Ponderosa Pine forest on the continent.

    34. Just south of Flagstaff you have Sedona... Getting it yet? It's called "diversity".

    Sedona is known for its natural beauty. It was once dubbed "Arizona's little Hollywood" as many Westerns were shot on location here.

    35. We share an international border with Mexico and the beach is only a few hours south of that...

    Puerto Penasco is nicknamed "Arizona's Beach"

    36. Don't forget Sin City is also in our backyard, which means we get to enjoy it on a whim.

    37. Making Arizona a pretty cool place to live

    Compared to all the other states out there that are expensive, crowded, boring, cold, or flat…Arizona isn’t so bad. So for all you Arizonians out there, cherish what you call home. After all, some people have to live in states like Oklahoma.