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12 Tiny Ways To Upgrade Your Every Day

Who's worth it? You are! Show yourself some love by enjoying a warm cup of Seattle's Best Coffee every morning before you leave the house.

1. Set your alarm tone to be a good, uplifting song so you can wake up easily.

2. Have a quiet cup of your favorite coffee before you start your day.

3. Take a midday walk to get some fresh air.

4. Treat yourself to something fun and self-indulgent, like a massage.

5. Pick out some really fun workout wear for some fashionable gym motivation.

6. While you're at it, drop some extra $$$ on your favorite inspirational spin class.

7. Do a quick and easy detox with ginger-, lemon-, and blueberry-infused water.

8. Contain your work to the workday.

9. Catch up on that book you started forever ago.

10. Unplug for at least an hour before bed to encourage deeper and more restful sleep.

11. Throw a bath bomb in your tub and settle in for some effervescent relief.

There’s nothing like soaking in a bath of aromatic and soothing bubbles.

12. And before bed, come up with a positive affirmation and stick with it.

Seattle's Best Coffee is an upgrade for every day.