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11 Ways To Make A Co-Worker's Day That Much Better

It's easier than you think. Upgrade someone's day with a cup of Seattle's Best Coffee.

1. Um, first and foremost: free food.


Can you think of anything anyone wants more than pizza??

2. And coming in a close second is obviously more free food.


Bring in something sweet in the morning like cinnamon rolls.

3. Then maybe a complimentary hot drink or two.


Share your favorite coffee with your co-workers to make their hearts swoon.

4. But if free food isn't an option, hire a celebrity impersonator to surprise your boss on his birthday.

5. Offer to take on a little extra work to help out a co-worker in need.


They will bless you for your considerate soul.

6. Keep fresh flowers at your desk to brighten things up.


They look beautiful and smell even better.

7. Get funding to go to fun events.

Chrisp3111/ / Via

People love doing things for free, and they'll love you for organizing it.

8. Surprise everyone by scheduling an early happy hour.

BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

Nothing says TGIF like 5 p.m. cocktails.

9. Invite people out for a trivia night.

10. Organize a Secret Santa so everyone gets something special.

Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions / Via

Gifts for all!

11. And honestly, if none of those nice things work, there's always more free food.

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Make everyone love you with a mug of Seattle's Best Coffee®.