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10 Little Things You Can Do To Upgrade Someone Else's Day

Show the people around you the love they deserve. Upgrade someone's day with a cup of Seattle's Best Coffee.

1. Make breakfast for your significant other before they run off to work.

It's a great way to jump-start their day.

2. Tip public performers when they overtake your subway car with dance.

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The showtime boys are a fierce force to be reckoned with. Show them some love with your extra cash.

3. Surprise a friend with a sweet message thanking them for being in your life.

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Everyone likes to hear they're appreciated. It's really easy on your part, and it'll make their day!

4. Invite someone you haven't seen in a while over for a cup of coffee.


A warm beverage is great for catching up with an old friend.

5. Read your friends' horoscopes and advise them on all the blessings coming their way.


It's nice to know someone's looking out for you.

6. Take a shower before bed so your roommate can have more bathroom time in the morning.


Sacrifice is hard, but your efforts won't go unnoticed.

7. Let someone cut you in line at the grocery store.

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Practice patience by giving a stranger star treatment. Hopefully your kindness will inspire them to practice more kindness in their own life.

8. Tip your waiter more than 20%.

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Stop — put the calculator away. Tip well and make someone's day.

9. Buy an extra ticket to your next big event and give it away to a co-worker.


They'll love you more than words can say.

10. Finally, offer a hug to a friend just because.


Random acts of love are the best kind. Make someone feel warm and cared for today.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is an upgrade for every day.