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    15 Indulgent Excuses To Eat Chocolate For Breakfast

    It's a chocolate lover's dream come true.

    1. Chocolate Waffles

    Seasoned Sprinkles / Via

    2. S'mores Baked Oatmeal

    Katalyst Health / Via

    3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls

    Yes to Yolks / Via

    4. Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes

    Strength and Sunshine / Via

    5. Triple Chocolate Banana Scones

    Just a Little Bit of Bacon / Via

    6. Chocolate Chip Zucchini Banana Breakfast Bars

    Emilie Eats / Via

    7. Healthy Chocolate Muffins

    Whole Food Real Families / Via

    8. Easy Cake Mix Donuts

    Baking Ginger / Via

    9. No Mixer Double Chocolate Muffins

    I Knead to Eat / Via

    10. Oreo Pancakes

    It's Cheat Day Every Day / Via

    11. Brownie Batter Smoothie

    Tara's Multicultural Table / Via

    12. Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce

    Garlic Society / Via

    13. Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Pancakes

    Yes to Yolks / Via

    14. Baked Milk Chocolate French Toast

    Sweet and Savory by Shinee / Via

    15. Chocolate Cheesecake Crepes

    Seasoned Sprinkles / Via
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