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Discussion: What's Next For 2020?

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Hello and welcome to another instalment of Seasoned Sessions!

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On this week's episode, we're talking about the first Covid vaccine that's being rolled out across the UK, along with the rumours that Boris Johnson may get the vaccine on live TV.

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Skip to 2.00.

The Home Office's plans to deport up to 50 people to Jamaica, despite many Black public figures urging against this.

David Levenson / Thierry Chesnot / Simone Padovani/Awakening / Getty Images

Naomi Campbell, David Olusoga, and Bernardine Evaristo are among the 82 public figures have written to the airlines involved. Skip to 15.00.

Laverne Cox being subject to an anti-trans attack in an LA park.

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And we break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of our Spotify Wrapped.

a moment of silence for everyone whose spotify wrapped was too embarrassing to post (it’s me i’m everyone)

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Skip to 28.00!

Tune in to hear it all!

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