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Winter Is Coming. Here Are 10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For It​

Don't make winter worse than it already is. Let the Sears team of experts handle all the complicated stuff so you can just focus on new hot cocoa recipes.

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1. Engage the reverse switch that comes pre-installed with your fan.


Having the fan rotate counterclockwise will pull the cold air from the floor and push the hot air down from the ceiling. It can help save you lots of money during the winter.

2. Have a professional check your roof for missing or faulty shingles.


There's nothing more stressful than a busted roof in the winter. A simple summer chore could save you a massive winter headache.

4. Change the filters on your heating system.


Winter heating bills can be astronomical. To help reduce your payments, replace the heating system filters to ensure that it's running as efficiently as possible.

5. Consider replacing your garage refrigerator with something more efficient.

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That rusty refrigerator definitely keeps your summer drinks cold, but it could also be adding a lot of money to your bill. Update it with a better model and save some serious (and needed) winter cash.

6. Have a professional come over for an HVAC inspection.


That includes checking thermostat settings, tightening all gas and electric connections, lubricating all moving parts, and making sure the heating system starts, operates, and shuts off properly.

7. Give your outdoor plants one more good watering at the end of fall.


The dry weather is actually much more harmful to your plants than the low temperatures. Before the earth freezes over again, it's good to give your flowers a heavy dose of water to last them until spring.

8. Make sure all the water is removed from the hose.


Turn your faucets off and drain all the hoses and exterior pipes. When applicable, detach the hose entirely. Icy pipes are a winter headache you’ll want to avoid.

9. Make sure you cover the vents and openings outside of your home with screens.


Animals and insects are always looking for a warm place to nest during the winter months — don't make it your home.

Don’t make winter harder than it has to be. Sears is America’s appliance and home services leader — they’ll take care of your house so you can enjoy your home.

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