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11 Holiday Dad Jokes You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

What do you call an elf that sings?

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1. Why does Santa hate going down the chimney?


2. Which reindeer loves cleaning?

Cultura RM Exclusive/Philip Lee Harvey / Getty Images

3. Why do Christmas trees love the past?

Ineke Kamps / Getty Images

4. Why did Mrs. Claus insist Santa take an umbrella?


5. What's the first thing an elf learns in school?

Per Breiehagen / Getty Images

6. Who was the snowman's favorite aunt?



7. Which reindeer needs an attitude adjustment?

Isabel Pavia / Getty Images

8. What do you call an elf that sings?

GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images

9. Why does Santa go down the chimney on Christmas Eve?

Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

10. Why was Santa's little helper sad?

Sharon Montrose / Getty Images

11. What does one snowman say to the other?

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