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10 Reasons To Binge-Watch All 10 Episodes Of “Search Party” RN

Catch up on all the mystery before Season 2 of Search Party premieres Nov. 19 at 10 p.m. on TBS.

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1. First off, Search Party's central mystery alone will make you want to keep watching just to find out what happens next.

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The show follows a young woman named Dory, her boyfriend, and her two friends who all become obsessed with a missing-persons case for a girl named Chantal Witherbottom whom they once knew. The investigation leads the group to suspicious characters and secret cults, culminating in a wild and unexpected reveal.

4. And you'll definitely recognize some of the faces, like ~maybe~ this lady:

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Alia Shawkat plays Dory, the main character of the show who avoids her personal problems by fixating on Chantal's disappearance.

Let the Search Party binge begin! The new season premieres Nov. 19 at 10/9C, and binge the entire first season commercial-free and unlocked on the TBS app now!

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