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Painkillers Hurting NFL

In todays game, painkillers are handed out far too often and it isn't good for the players bodies. Marijuana is a healthier alternative that many players would like to see unbanned from the NFL.

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Painkillers in the NFL

52% of retired players said they have used pain medication during their playing days. Of those, 71% admitted to misusing the drug. A study in 2012 showed that each team was prescribed roughly 5,700 doses of anti-inflammatories and 2,270 doses of narcotics per year.


Many players abused the usage of these drugs when they needed to numb the pain. Kyle Turley, a retired NFL lineman reflects, "The trainers and the doctors used to go down the aisle on the flights and say, 'Who needs what?' If you had something hurting and needed a painkiller to take the edge off so you sleep that night, they made sure you had it."

Downsides of Painkillers

Painkillers are very addicting and when you are getting a large supply, it is very easy to abuse. Many NFL players are given Toradol, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Although in the same drug class as Aleve and Advil, Toradol is known to be far more powerful, often being compared to morphine.

How Marijuana Can Help

Marijuana is a safer alternative for players to relieve pain rather than popping pills. Although many relate marijuana to smoking and getting high, there are other effects and benefits that can come from it. Players would likely take high percentages of CBD. About 61% of players said they believed that fewer players would take painkillers if marijuana was a legal option.

Call To Action

My call to action is for the NFL to make marijuana an unbanned substance because it is a much safer alternative for pain relief rather than painkillers. I also want to spread awareness on painkillers in the NFL today.

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