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    You Will Never Have To Fold Or Throw A Paper Airplane Ever Again

    And all it takes is an above-average familiarity with engineering, electronics, and Legos. The marvels of science!

    Guys, this is, like, the easiest thing ever.

    You have no excuses to not be flying paper airplanes all over the place now. Make your own paper airplane folder and launcher in 6 easy steps.

    1. Build this:

    EASY PART, no complaining allowed. Now pay attention, the hard part's coming up.

    2. Feed it paper.


    3. Watch it fold back the point.

    OK, if you somehow make it through this part, get ready for step #4...

    4. Watch it fold back the wings.

    That requires delicacy, but not like step 5...

    5. Watch it fold the – WOAH, SLOW DOWN – wings up.

    Don't rush this! You're nearly there!

    6. Now watch the launcher fire that sucker out into the wild blue yonder!

    CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DID IT! Now get to work designing a machine to accept your accolades.

    Check it out all together:

    View this video on YouTube
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