16 Reasons You Should Go Home For Spring Break

Europe’s too far and Cancun has been done. This Spring Break, consider another vacation destination: Mom and Dad’s.

1. Look at this “Home & Gardens” centerfold- WAIT A MINUTE.



2. Are you really going to say you DON’T want to spend a week curled up on this couch?

Greg Robleto / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: grobleto

The same couch that has known the shape of your head and exactly how you fluff your pillow since before you can remember? THIS COUCH?

3. And while the hotel may have a massive amount of movies and games for you to rent…

Sam DeLong / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bfsminid

…they don’t have your save files, or that obscure tv show you love that ran for one season.

4. Besides, you’ve got a lot to catch up on before you get back to school.

You’ll have plenty of time when you’re not doing body shots off of strangers’ stomachs.

5. And good luck finding a restaurant that’s got fried chicken AND potato gnocchi on the same menu.

Or whatever other weird dish only your mom knows you love.

6. Cancun’s pools may have Carson Daly, but you know what your parents’ backyard DOESN’T have?

Carson Daly.

7. Exotic nightlife scenes are pretty hit or miss. You already know what to avoid in your hometown.

8. And the only thing better than meeting a sexy one night stand at a spring break bar…


…is walking into your old haunt and seeing your high school bully working the taps.

9. Know who else goes away for Spring Break? This guy:

And James Franco:

Courtesy of Annapuma Pictures / Via igossip.com

Seen here in Spring Breakers. Seriously.

10. And at home, there’s no danger of getting markered up if you pass out on the couch.

Henrik Bach Christensen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hensen

There IS a significant risk of getting tucked in, though.

11. Do you want your break to start with this…

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

12. Your bed is a way better place to spend a morning…

Rich / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: spentyouth

…than “wherever the hell you end up”.

Payton Chung / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: paytonc

13. Would you rather spend a week doing this…

…or this?

City Shake / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cityshake

April 2011 spring break at Discothek Fun Factory in Wildeshausen, Germany.

14. Would you rather spend a week using this bathroom…

Lyn Lomasi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lynlomasi

…or this one?

Kitty Cleveland / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kacleaveland

15. You could spend every night bumping into these guys at bars with $20 covers…

…or meet up with your actual friends who are also home for break. For free.

chibi m / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chibi_m

16. Finally, would you rather come back from Spring Break with a cold sore…

quadrapop / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: quadrapop

…or a care package?

Dani Luri / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: slushpup

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