Quiz: Which Bond Are You?

You may not like it shaken, or stirred, or even like martinis at all for that matter, but deep down, you still know which Bond you are. See if you’re right with our quiz.

  1. 1. Bond's a martini drinker, but what's your poison?
    1. Shutterstock
      Old, good scotch.
    2. Shutterstock
      Wacky shots!
    3. Shutterstock
      Red wine.
    1. Shutterstock
    2. Shutterstock
    3. Shutterstock
      A good, dark beer.
  2. 2. If you had a license to kill, what be your preferred method of dispatching targets?
    1. Shutterstock
      Sniper rifle. They’ll never see me coming, the bastards.
    2. Shutterstock
      Bow and arrows. Classic.
    3. Shutterstock
      My own bare hands.
    1. Ethan Miller / Getty Images
      Drones. Modern, efficient, soulless.
    2. Black Glenn / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gahjr2000
      A banana peel! WHOOPS!
    3. Shutterstock
      Garroting wire. Up close and personal.
  3. 3. Which villain would you go after first?
    1. Shutterstock
    2. Regina George
    3. Bowser
    1. Courtesy of New Line Cinema
    2. Getty Images / Getty Images
      Osama Bin Laden
    3. The Joker
  4. 4. What's your dream ride?
    1. Shutterstock
      A kickass hog.
    2. Shutterstock
      A majestic steed.
    3. Ken / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kenjonbro
      The Batmobile!
    1. Shutterstock
      Whatever I build.
    2. Natursports / Shutterstock.com
      Something classic.
    3. Natursports / Shutterstock.com
      Monster truck.
  5. 5. You've completed a long day of secret agenting. How do you kick back and relax?
    1. Shutterstock
      Cuddling up with my special someone.
    2. Shutterstock
    3. Plotting my revenge.
    1. Hulton Archive/Stringer / Getty Images
      Three Stooges marathon! Nyuk nyuk!
    2. Shutterstock
      Putting on some old LPs.
    3. Shutterstock
      Making myself dinner.
  6. 6. Alright agent, it's your first case. What do you want to take on first?
    1. A mysterious, attractive traveler claims to know a secret about the Queen that could bring shame to the crown. You are to meet the blackmailer and acquire the secret by any means necessary.
    2. An agent you thought dead has resurfaced, claiming to have a secret weapon that could destroy London. You are to discover the weapon and neutralize it by any means necessary.
    3. The assassin that killed your lover is rumored to be targeting the Queen at an upcoming appearance. You are to accompany Her Majesty, find the assassin, and take him out before he can strike.
    4. A foreign revolutionary is turning Britain’s own drone program against it. You are to find the hacker and neutralize him.
    5. An eccentric billionaire has built a weapon that could send the moon crashing to the earth. You are to sneak onto the billionaire’s moonbase and neutralize the weapon by any means necessary.
    6. The agent that betrayed you and left you for dead - your former partner - is threatening to bomb the London tube. You must find him, neutralize the bomb, and bring him to justice by any means necessary.

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