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    Nicolas Cage Before He Was Nicolas Cage

    BuzzFeed's Hollywood scientists have unearthed rare footage of a young Nicolas Coppola in his natural state: 1980's beach hunk. It is beautiful to behold.

    "The Best Of Times" was a television special in 1981.

    But most importantly...

    Before he was annually losing "Hollywood's Craziest Grinner" to Gary Busey, Nic Cage was actually a pretty strapping hunk:

    The young Cage was a master of his body, totally in control of every muscle and sinew.

    He invented Cage Fu and tried to share it with the other residents of the muscle beach, but sadly, they didn't notice.

    But the babes took notice.

    Even he took notice.

    It was a good life he led, young Cage. One filled with dancing...

    ...polishing his butt with his friends...

    ...and driving go karts.

    But charmed though his life was, it was not without its misfortunes...

    ...and held its confusing, ethical gray areas as well.

    The young Nicolas was worried he'd be drafted into a possible war in El Salvador.

    Which, frankly, would have cut into his beach time.

    But ever the optimist, Nic saw a bright side to being drafted into a war.

    Moral dilemma averted, Cage celebrated!

    Winning pick up line in hand, Cage returned to the beach...

    ...worked some more on his abs...

    ...and proceeded to totally knock a babe out with this masterpiece.

    Too easy!

    Young Nicolas Cage, you were a joy to behold, a treasure of 1980's television.

    Be you Cage, Coppola, or Ghost Rider...

    ...we applaud you.

    Watch "The Best Of Times" in its entirety right here.

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