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Famous Gun Scenes From Movies Replaced With Thumbs Up

Do you feel happy, punk? Well, do ya?

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Thumbs & Ammo is a blog with a simple goal: replace all guns in movies with thumbs up.

It's a place where instead of being antiheroes with dark pasts and ambiguous morals, action stars get to be happy dudes and ladies with winning personalities.

Star from movies like:

"Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope"

"Django Unchained"

"Die Hard"

"The Terminator"

"American History X"

"Taxi Driver"



"The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"

"Full Metal Jacket"

"Last Action Hero"

"No Country For Old Men"


"A History Of Violence"

"Natural Born Killers"

"Boondock Saints"

"Bonnie & Clyde"

"The Big Lebowski"

"Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" (again)

"Batman Returns"

"Bad Boys II"


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