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19 Animals Who Can't Unsee What They Just Saw

They...they had no idea. Someone get these guys a stiff drink, they need it.

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1. This walrus had no IDEA what the aquarium staff got up to after hours.

2. This mountain goat can't BELIEVE what he saw those rock climbers doing.

3. This otter is just... just SHOCKED by what those canoers were doing with that oar.

4. This koala just saw where the leaves he's eating come from. And it's not somewhere he wants in his mouth.

5. This turtle wishes her head could go further into her shell after she saw that kid eat that lollipop off the zoo floor.

6. This elephant wishes he could go back to not seeing "Water For Elephants".

7. This owl just read some fanfic of Owl and Pooh, and wishes to Owlgod that he didn't.

8. This polar bear cub just saw the list of chemicals inside all the Coca Cola his mom has been drinking.

9. This jaguar is APPALLED by what those big game hunters are doing to each other in that bush.

10. This mouse just saw his owners playing Mousetrap.

11. This baby hippo is HORRIFIED by what the monkeys are about to throw at the back of this photographer's head.

12. This owl is shell-shocked by some of the dresses she saw at the Oscars.

13. This De Brazza's monkey cannot BELIEVE what his buddy just did with that banana.

14. This cow just saw a PETA ad, and even she was turned off by it.

15. This border collie just saw KONY 2012. He... he had no idea.

16. This baby gorilla had no idea his hair's been like this ALL DAY.

17. This bald eagle is utterly dismayed by the current state of education in his America.

18. This cat just saw that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up.

She... she had found love again!

She... she had found love again!

19. And this ostrich just saw an episode of "Hoarders".

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