All The Title Cards From “Batman: The Animated Series”

Batman: The Animated Series was, by far, the most badass part of Saturday morning cartoons. It single-handedly made 9 AM on Saturday worth being awake for.

In the pilot episode, a monstrous bat creature stalks Gotham, and the GCPD suspects Batman.

When the Joker escapes Arkham Asylum on Christmas Eve and terrorizes the city from a commandeered television studio, Batman and Robin must find him and his hostages before midnight.

In a showdown with the Scarecrow at Gotham University, Batman accidentally inhales Scarecrow’s fear gas and confronts his unresolved issues with his parents’ brutal murder.

The Joker infects all of Gotham, including Alfred, with his laughing gas, and Batman must acquire an antidote to save the city from descending into gleeful madness.

When a hospitalized Harvey Dent is revealed to have been poisoned, Batman must discover the culprit and the antidote.

Batman discovers a ring of child thieves being manipulated by the detestable Sewer King.

Three suspended GCPD officers recount the events of a night where a routine police operation went wrong.

While undercover, Bruce Wayne suffers amnesia and is forced to work in a chain gang with other captured homeless people, leaving it up to Alfred to seek him out and free the workers.

When the mayor’s son unknowingly stows away on the Joker’s truck, Batman must rescue him before it’s too late.

When mobster Rupert Thorne attempts to exploit Harvey Dent’s closeted split personality for blackmail money, the endeavor goes horribly awry, scarring half of Dent’s face.

Harvey, now calling himself Two-Face, wages gang warfare against Thorne, leaving it up to Batman to force a ceasefire before they kill each other.

Batman saves a mob boss from certain death at the hands of a hitman, and attempts to get him to testify against his enemies.

When Batman is poisoned by the Penguin, two teenagers save him and keep him hidden until he recovers.

Batman must bring the corrupt CEO of Gothcorp to justice before a revenge can be exacted upon him by a bitter former employee: Victor Fries.

Batman meets a new cat burglar calling herself Catwoman, while Bruce Wayne fancies a woman he just met named Selina Kyle, who is investigating a terrorist cell called The Red Claw.

Batman and Catwoman must put aside their differences to save Gotham from a viral plague in the hands of The Red Claw.

Batman investigates a rash of burglaries seemingly carried out by a little girl’s imaginary friend.

A crime spree modelled after an old television hero of Bruce’s takes Gotham by storm, and Batman teams up with the aging actor who played him to get to the bottom of it.

Batman uncovers a massive conspiracy holding the upper class of Gotham in a doomsday, cult-like thrall.

Bruce Wayne is framed for murder, while a hit gone wrong forces the hitman to take action against his employer.

Bruce Wayne, freed on bail, attempts to stop the hitman, who has been mutated into the shifting Clayface, from seeking monstrous revenge against his old boss.

Years ago, the Joker spared a man’s life in return for a favor. In “Joker’s Favor”, he cashes it in.

Batman suspects Detective Bullock is being framed for a kidnapping, and investigates, uncovering an old enemy from Bullock’s past.

When a number of pro athletes start becoming terrified of winning their games, Batman suspects a Scarecrow copycat is at work.

When a tardy court appearance causes Temple Fugate’s company to go bankrupt, he loses his mind and plots his revenge against the man he holds responsible, Mayor Hill.

A greedy businessman plans to expand into Crime Alley’s real estate, and will go to explosive ends to remove the neighborhood’s residents.

A spurned lover is driven insane with jealousy and utilizes mind-control technology to turn those who have wronged him in his life into his mindless slaves.

After an overdose of Scarecrow’s fear gas nearly causes him to hurt innocent bystanders, Batman is admitted to Arkham Asylum, where he discovers Scarecrow has escaped and is plotting to unleash his gas on the whole city.

Batman uncovers a hideous day spa run by Poison Ivy that is turning its wealthy attendants into trees.

Bruce Wayne awakes one morning to discover his parents alive, Robin unknown to Alfred, and someone else as Batman.

Baron Jozek, seeking revenge for embarrassment at the hands of Batman, hires a mercenary to bring him Batman’s cape and cowl.

Batman refuses to allow Robin to accompany him in seeking out the boss of a crime ring, Billy, who Robin discovers is an alias f the man who killed his parents, Tony Zucco.

Robin seeks out Zucco, who has incapacitated Batman, and must decide whether to seek justice for his parents’ death, or revenge.

The Joker makes a laughing gas variant that only affects fish, but when the copyright office refuses to copyright it, Batman must save them from Joker’s insane rage.

A martial arts rival from Bruce Wayne’s past, Kyodai Ken, seeks revenge on the Wayne legacy.

Professor Milo seeks to infect Gotham with a plague via its stray cat population, and Batman intervenes when Catwoman is stricken with it.

In researching an attack on a prominent judge, Bruce Wayne finds himself at a resort in Yucca Springs where he meets Dr. Hugo Strange, who has developed a method for extracting one’s deepest-held secrets.

Batman discovers a strange A.I. briefcase to be the culprit in a string of corporate burglaries, and meets the supercomputer behind it, H.A.R.D.A.C., which eventually turns the Batcave against him.

Batman defeats the Batcave and regains control over it, only to discover that Commissioner Gordon and other members of the GCPD have been replaced with highly advanced androids.

An embittered former videogame programmer, Edward Nygma, takes revenge against his profit-hungry boss as The Riddler.

A casino modelled after the Joker’s public persona enrages him, prompting him to escape Arkham Asylum to destroy it.

A mad scientist kidnaps Selina Kyle to provide his man-cat hybrid with a mate, and Batman must square off against the monster to save her.

Batman investigates sightings of a werewolf in Gotham, to discover it to be a friend of his, Anthony Romulus, who has been twisted by mad chemist Professor Milo.

Kyodai Ken returns, kidnapping the prize student of his and Bruce’s old sensei and demanding the location of the fabled Death Touch.

A man-bat monster similar to the antagonist of the pilot episode, “On Leather Wings”, terrorizes Gotham again, but Batman discovers a new person behind the beast.

Joker, Killer Croc, Penguin, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy all recount times when they nearly defeated the Batman over a game of poker, while Harley Quinn nearly kills Catwoman.

When the newly-reformed Penguin discovers he’s only been invited to a party by the woman he loves because of his criminal record, he doesn’t take it well.

Batman and the Riddler square off in a virtual reality simulation, with Commissioner Gordon’s life on the line.

Batman visits the site of his parents’ murder to pay his respects, causing him to be late to a firefight that severely wounds Commissioner Gordon.

While working a case, Batman finds himself paired up with Talia al Ghul, who accidentally discovers his alter ego.

A small time henchman appears to have killed Batman, making him a big name in the Gotham underworld despite his insistence that it’s all a big misunderstanding.

The chemical misture that gave Clayface his powers is killing him, and he must steal the money he needs to afford the antidote.

The brother of crime boss Rupert Thorne is pressured into becoming the crime doctor, and kidnaps a friend of Bruce Wayne’s to complete a delicate surgery.

Popular magician Zatanna is framed for a train robbery, and Batman helps her clear her name.

When Batman takes the Batmobile into the shop for some heavy repairs, the Penguin secretly puts the vehicle under his control.

When Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy team up for a crime spree, they are so successful it enrages the Joker.

Commissioner Gordon is framed for taking bribes from the underworld, and when Batman seemingly refuses to help, Barbara Gordon takes justice into her own hands as Batgirl.

Robin discovers Gil Mason to be working with the mob, and runs into Batgirl during his investigation.

One of the Penguin’s capers leaves Batman temporarily blinded, but he refuses to wait for his vision to return to track him down.

Batman uneasily teams up with Ra’s Al Ghul to find the recently-abducted Robin and Talia.

In finding Robin and Talia, Batman discovers Ra’s Al Ghul’s true plot: one which will extinguish all life on the planet.

Another Batman stalks Gotham’s streets, and Batman suspects H.A.R.D.A.C. has returned.

Maxie Zeus, a madman believing himself to be a literal god, steals an experimental weapon with intent to turn it on Gotham.

Batman discovers the man behind a new successful gang is actually two: a puppet, Scarface, and his ventriloquist.

Traditional Central American dolls are passed among wealthy socialites who believe them to ease worry and stress, but they have no idea they are the Mad Hatter’s latest mind-control scheme.

Batman chases Killer Croc, who has enlisted the aid of a band of retired circus sideshow acts, through upstate wilderness.

When Detective Bullock survives a number of attempts on his life, he asks Batman for help in finding who’s behind them.

Batman and Gotham’s new DA, Janet Van Dorn, are held captive and put on trial by the Joker and Batman’s entire rogues gallery.

Talia and Batman team up to stop her father, Ra’s Al Ghul, from unlocking an old Egyptian scroll’s secrets, leading to an underground battle with an ancient sorceress.

Poison Ivy, released from Arkham and apparently on the straight and narrow, is suspected as the mastermind behind a rash of crimes very similar to her M.O.

Three wealthy Gothamites take up crime as the Terrible Trio, leading to an inevitable confrontation with Batman.

Batman and Robin enlist the help of Harley Quinn to track down the Joker, who has stolen an atomic bomb.

The Clock King returns with another time-turning attempt on the mayor’s life.

Catwoman is double-crossed by the Ventriloquist and Scarface.

Bane comes after Batman, and Batman fears he has truly met his match.

An embittered former child star kidnaps her TV family, and Batman and Robin must stop her and save the hostages.

Alfred’s former career as a secret agent in Her Majesty’s service comes back to haunt him.

The immortal Ra’s Al Ghul relates a time when he faced off against the hero of the Old West, Jonah Hex.

The Riddler attempts to leave his life of crime behind him, but finds old habits die harder than he thought.

Harvey Dent is kidnapped while awaiting surgery that may restore his face and sanity, and Batman and Robin split up to find the culprit.

Harley is released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health, but trouble still seems to follow her.

A former Arkham security chief becomes a brutal vigilante calling himself Lock-Up.

Batman and Robin discover the Joker to be behind a rash of crimes committed by famous comedians.

Mr. Freeze and billionaire Grant Walker team up to freeze the world over.

Batgirl investigates a theft at a museum, to find Catwoman on the trail as well.

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