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All The Title Cards From "Batman: The Animated Series"

Batman: The Animated Series was, by far, the most badass part of Saturday morning cartoons. It single-handedly made 9 AM on Saturday worth being awake for.

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While undercover, Bruce Wayne suffers amnesia and is forced to work in a chain gang with other captured homeless people, leaving it up to Alfred to seek him out and free the workers.


After an overdose of Scarecrow's fear gas nearly causes him to hurt innocent bystanders, Batman is admitted to Arkham Asylum, where he discovers Scarecrow has escaped and is plotting to unleash his gas on the whole city.

In researching an attack on a prominent judge, Bruce Wayne finds himself at a resort in Yucca Springs where he meets Dr. Hugo Strange, who has developed a method for extracting one's deepest-held secrets.

Batman discovers a strange A.I. briefcase to be the culprit in a string of corporate burglaries, and meets the supercomputer behind it, H.A.R.D.A.C., which eventually turns the Batcave against him.

Traditional Central American dolls are passed among wealthy socialites who believe them to ease worry and stress, but they have no idea they are the Mad Hatter's latest mind-control scheme.

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