25 Random Things You Can Get For Free On Craigslist Right Now

As of the posting of this article, these are all available on Craigslist for free. All you have to do is go get them.

2. A Christmas tree with decorations in South Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Shutterstock / Via newyork.craigslist.org

AKA take someone’s Christmas tree down for free.

3. These three baseball diamond light poles (and 11 others) and two sets of bleachers in Dallas.

“All expenses to remove poles and Bleachers are yours. We must agreed on removal proceedure”

4. A 25-pound wild pig in Hawaii.

Vitaliy Khustochka / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: phenolog

“It was caught on Sunday and is eating out of your hand now.”

5. Toilets in Portland, Oregon.

Like these. Or this one. Or this one. Or these. All in Portland.

7. Partially composted horse manure in San Francisco.

Monte Hershberger / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: montehershberger

As much as you need.

9. A slightly used Lady Gaga bow wig in New Orleans.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

“Free to a good home.”

10. These four cheerleading trophies and one cheerleading medal in Boston.

“Hopefully someone can use”

11. A trampoline in Frisco, Texas.

Shutterstock / Via dallas.craigslist.org

“Please don’t email me for fun”

12. “Sex board games and stuff” in Boston.

The “stuff” being a Valentine’s Day teddy bear, two Valentine’s Day buttons, and a pair of silk men’s boxers. The collection can be dropped off “daytime at the public for safety reasons”.

18. This big leaf in Alaska.

Don’t worry, they have “all the mounting hardware.”

23. This 4’ x 8’ wall mural made of soda cans in Austin, Texas.

“who ever gets here first with a truck gets the art”

25. The opportunity to do pro-BANANA tree-removal service in Baton Rouge.

Shutterstock / Via batonrouge.craigslist.org


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