18 Other Bowls For Lovers Of Bowls

Bowl-lovers across the nation have their annual party this Sunday. But if that super bowl just isn’t enough for you, don’t worry. You can always have more bowls.

1. You could have some cereal out of a bowl…

Via http://Shutterstock

2. Make yourself a delicious bread bowl…

Get a recipe here.

3. Or get the biggest bowl you have and fill it with BuzzFeed Food’s 47-Layer Dip:

Get the recipe, video, and layer-by-layer commentary here.

4. Or pick up these novelty chip-n-dip helmet bowls:

Get them at Thrillist.

5. Or you could seek out the largest bowls of food in the world:

Like the largest bowl of Bak Kut Teh, or the Guinness Book-verified biggest bowls of pasta, tabbouleh, soup, porridge, goulash, couscous, or cereal.

6. And eat them out of the world’s largest bowl made of porcelain.

Over two feet high and over six feet across at the top.

7. And for help getting through those monster bowls, you could share this super bowl:

For residents of Colorado or Washington, or registered medical patients in any of these states, of course.

8. Let all that digest while giving F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “The Bowl” a quick read…

Read it in full here.

9. …or while trying to bring back the bowl cut.

10. You can take bowling and football to new, weird heights with Fowling:

Pronounced like “bowling”, with an F.

11. Or just go regular bowling, with football playing on the big screen.

Via http://Shutterstock

49ers fans can do just that in Albany, CA.

12. You could prove yourself at the annual Geek Bowl in Austin, Texas, the biggest pub quiz in America, on Saturday, February 9th.

13. And if those bowls aren’t super or geeky enough for you, you could go Super Bowling yourself on your old NES:

14. You could replay your VCR-recorded copies of Beavis and Butthead’s “Butt Bowls”:

15. Or your DVR’s copies of the Lingerie Bowls.

Though it’s no longer airing as gimmicky counterprogramming in an attempt to legitimize women’s tackle football.

16. If none of those bowls strike your fancy, you can watch the one everyone else will be watching this Sunday: The Puppy Bowl.

Featuring the Hamster Blimp…

the Kitty Halftime Show…

and Hedgehogs in Tutus as this year’s cheerleaders, replacing last year’s Piglet Pep Squad.

17. Or you could take “puppy bowl” a little more literally…

18. This Sunday, though, you’ll find us in a pillow bowl full of puppies watching the Puppy Bowl.

We hear there’s some kind of sporting event CBS is running to draw viewers away. We might check it out during the commercials.

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