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The Most Visually Stunning Concept Cars Of All Time

WARNING: These cars will do funny things to your insides. Its practically pornography.

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Audi A9 Concept

Isn't it beautiful? This car is everything you would ever expect from an Audi. No windscreen but what does that matter? Just drive blind, anything for the pursuit of beauty!

I'm in love with the smooth clean lines of this car, the way the bonnet ends so sharply the headlights almost hidden, colour matching the glowing blue 'tron-like' alloys. These are simply incredible and would love to see these in motion! Someone needs to start working on that right now.

The stunning contrast of pure metallic white, gloss black and uber-modern electronic blue are combined in the perfect ratio to make this car really stand out. It might not be the most complicated or intricate design out there, you might even go as far as understated, but thats what makes it beautiful. (Sometimes beauty can only be described with a 1 Direction lyric.)

Alfa Romeo Pandion

Dark. Mysterious. Alienistic. (Is that a word?) This car looks dangerous; not just to drive, but simply to be around. Loving the new take on the standard scissor doors, incorporating the top of the wheel arches.

The inside of this car is so insanely futuristic; with looks resembling the internal workings of a krypton spaceship (sorry for the movie references). The seats almost floating in position continue this modernistic trend, omitting a blueish glow that reflecting off the white interior, casts an ethereal feel over the whole car.

Lamborghini Ankonian

This supercar would be at home racing down the streets of a crime-ridden city with a masked vigilante behind the wheel. (I'm making a Batman reference... keep up). The multifaceted panels of this car add a depth that's just as functional as it is stunning.

This is the kind of car you had on a poster on your bedroom wall as a child; the kind of car you were going to drive when you were a millionaire. Although I don't actually have a clue how you'd get into it, you know if you did, you would have the time of your life.

Black is such a powerful colour and the combination of different shades and surface textures add to the multidimensional design, making it look even sleeker. Every design aspect seems to have been added with only one thing in consideration: speed. This car imbues a sense of velocity, and acceleration. It makes you want to put your foot down. Who cares if you're not in a car?

Peugeot EX1

Hands up if you thought you'd never see a Peugeot on this list. Who knew the creators of the worlds most boring series of cars could come up with something so innovative. Even better yet, they've actually made it, boasting a 0-60mph run in 2.24 seconds.

Designed like a water droplet, the really exciting part of this vehicle is the two closely set rear wheels. You're pretty screwed if you've got a flat, (how do you get them off!?), but they look remarkable.

As well as being housed in the worlds greatest garage (see above), this car is run completely on electricity which make its supernatural speed even more impressive. Unlike some of the others on this list, you can picture yourself driving this car, and from the front more closely resembles a car of today. You're still going to turn some heads though!

Aston Martin DP-100

There are so many design elements to this car that are simply incredible that there's no chance of discussing them all here, so lets just say wow. And this is another car that has actually been made! Probably a bit out of our price range though.

Can we just take a second to discus the tail lights on this stunning piece of machinery. I don't know whats going on here, or how they work, but they look amazing. The whole thing does. I think this car just broke my heart.


Well thats my favourites wrapped up, but you must have an opinion too. Leave your favourite in the comments below and you might be in the next post!

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