29 Times Karen Walker From "Will And Grace" Was Sassy In The Best Way

    "Honey, what's going on, what's happening..."

    1. When she was all of us, turning up to work late:

    2. When she knew just how to shut this pest down:

    3. When she was just brutally self-aware:

    4. The morning at work she was almost blinded:

    5. The day she wasn't afraid to explore her ~wild~ side:

    6. When she was the perfect mother:

    7. The evening she got too close to the common people:

    8. Election week Karen:

    9. When she didn't have time for pleasantries:

    10. When she was too rich to care:

    11. When she wasn't afraid to share the hard truths:

    12. Every time she ran into Smitty...

    13. ... literally, every time:

    14. The time she couldn't even pretend to be shocked:

    15. Every time she went undercover:

    16. The day Vince went missing:

    17. The time she wasn't the only bitch in the room:

    18. When she couldn't face her problems:

    19. When she made friends with her priest:

    20. When she knew her own limits:

    21. The day she shared just how she felt about the Brits:

    22. The day she was may have been a little too open:

    23. When she couldn't help but point out the obvious:

    24. The holiday she was completely out of touch:

    25. The day she revealed her buzzkill:

    26. The day her metaphors knew no bounds:

    27. The time she fooled the almighty:

    28. When she came up with this... interesting... experiment:

    29. And honestly, just literally every time she spoke to Grace: