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12 Apartment Decorations That Won't Break The Bank

Treat. Yo. Self.

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1. This starry night lamp


This egg shaped sconce creates a starry night like Lampshade and light textures around it. The stainless steel flexible arm allows the sconce to be aimed to all directions, including downwards where it can be used as a task light / reading light or a work light. Handmade, $175.00 on Etsy.

2. A beer cap map


The ultimate gift for any craft beer drinker, these USA beer cap maps are just what you need to keep track of your brewing adventures. Custom made of handsome 1/4" Birch plywood. $34.95 on Etsy.

9. These shelves

The Stacked system provides a storage solution with endless possibilities. With the use of small clips, the modules can be rearranged to create all manner of shelving set ups, room dividers or side tables. The design can be easily changed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting them directly onto the wall. Prices vary, available at

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