7 Things More Exciting Than This Years Coachella Lineup

Here are some things I’m looking forward to more than spending three days in the desert. Should’ve waited to see the lineup before I bought tickets.

7. Renewing My Vehicle Registration

DMV lines = Frustration but still > this year’s lineup

6. The Master Cleanse.

I do this cleanse about once a year. 10-14 days of drinking this lemon goo and then crapping my brains out… still more appealing.

5. Colonoscopy

Not even 50 yet but with insurance doctors will voluntarily perform any procedure. Sign me up any time between April 12 thru 22nd.

4. Waiting In Line At The Airport

I travel a lot for work and these lines suck… but… TSA gives great rubdowns :)

3. Tax Day

Looking forward to that tax return… now just have to be smart about it and not blow it on lodging, tickets, and drugs (<-allegedly) for Coachella 2014. Fool me once…

2. Clipping Toby’s Nails

My girlfriend’s Yorkshire Terrier mix is a fiesty mother… Wrestling him down to get at those paws has me more amped up than seeing Café Tacvba at Coachella… AGain.

1. Routine Dental Work

[No description needed]

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