15 Reasons King Jaffe Joffer Is Way Better Than King Joffrey

One is the crown-bearer of the wealthy African nation of Zamunda, the other is the spoiled First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. Clearly, regardless of title length, one trumps the other.

1. Joffrey’s sigil is the lion. Jaffe wears one as decoration.

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2. King Jaffe’s fanart is pretty sweet. Joffreys’? Not so much.


3. Jaffe is so well respected, rose bearers throw petals at his feet.

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4. Joffrey gets cow pies flung at his face.

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5. King Joffrey’s Hand is his raspy-voiced grandfather. Jaffe’s manservant has the pipes of an angel.

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6. King Jaffe makes for a rad Halloween costume.

Exhibit A

7. Joffrey makes good target practice.

8. Joffrey T-shirt = lame.

9. Jaffe’s = party time!

10. Joffrey thinks he’s gangster.

11. Jaffe KNOWS he is.

12. Jaffe inspires mixtape covers.

13. Joffrey inspires this:

14. Sure, Joffrey might look like Caligula…

15. BUT Jaffe is Darth Vader AND King Mufasa as well.

Happy wedding day, Your Grace!

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