12 Reasons Why Cher’s Paper Wig Is EVERYTHING

It gets your toes a-tappin’. It’s empowering. It’s Cher’s first music video in over 12 years, and more importantly, it unveiled a new Chersation not experienced in pop culture since the the licking of her lip and throwing back of the mane: the newspaper wig. Here are just *some* of the reasons why it absolutely rules.

12. It’s a natural, organic progression from her previous headdresses

11. It allows you to leave the house product free! (Sorry, Lori Davis)

10. It’s fueled a heated Twitter debate not heard of since the Christina Aguilera Frisbee fascinator incident of 2012

9. It’s an easy and affordable to upgrade to your vintage “Growing Hair Cher” doll

8. Those seated in the front row can catch up on the Sunday funnies

7. Like most Cher looks, it’ll surely influence many a Halloween costume this year

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6. No need for fuzzy hair appointments. Just swing by the newsstand and you’re set!

5. It’s sure to inspire a new act from mega Cher impersonator Chad Michaels

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4. It can be used as mulch, post-show

3. It’s already incited its own canine tribute!

2. It’s single-handedly saving the print industry

1. Unlike a synthetic mullet, it’s 100% recyclable

Bottom line: Cher’s newspaper wig is everything. If you don’t agree, well…

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