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    • sdee924

      I’m obviously a little late on seeing this, since all the other comments have been posted about 5 month ago. But reading what half of what these people are saying about his work just blows my damn mind. I was finding myself getting so irritated I couldn’t even keep reading. Stop criticizing his work, and give the man some props like a decent person. I mean shit, half of you are babbling non stop about all your artistic knowledge yet your sitting on Buzzfeed…a site that had a march madness for animals, and a seemingly deep love for Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine. And yes, I realize I am one of those people who like to bullshit and pass time looking at the interesting/corky things they post, but not to try and belittle someone’s work. It’s pretty damn cool or it wouldn’t be on here. If you really feel so deeply about what “real art”, I’m sure you could find plenty of other sites, articles, books or museums that’ll meet your criteria of what “real art” is. I’m pretty sure he never claimed to be the next Picasso or whatever the fuck else..realize for a moment the article was written about him but another person, so don’t cut him and his talent down for what another wrote in their words about his work. And I don’t even want to read “everyone has a right to voice their opinion” because I very much am aware of that..but like I said this is Buzzfeed..not an institute of art, come on now. I totally give this guy the props he deserves. You’ve got badass talent my friend, keep doing what your doing because clearly your being noticed for a good reason. And once again for the hardcore art critics that apparently grace us here on Buzzfeed..if your opinion of true artwork is on such grand scale as to drop names like Picasso or whomever else, get off Buzzfeed and critique the artwork that is so up to par for you. I get art is very much a thing to critique, but last time Ill say this (promise) its fucking BUZZFEED!..even an art student in college which I’m sure has a great understanding of art and has seen maybe even more amazing things then this wrote a comment that gave him well deserved credit. Man, I hope if any of you have children you teach them to of course to have an opinion but still mantain a level of decency not to belittle others because something isn’t up to their standards..give credit where credits do, always.

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