You Know Your A Liverpool Fan When…


1. 2005 was the greatest year you wish to relive.

This will be our year.

2. At the beginning of each season you think: This will be our year!

We’ve won our first 3 games…anything is possible!

3. You pray to Steven Gerrard

Whether it’s because of his looks or his game.

4. You know that no matter what…

5. Man U? More like Man pewww

6. It is a must to sing the anthem before each game.

7. When you meet another fan this is how you feel

You’re my new BFF

8. You love sharing fun facts

Liverpool ranks in the top 10 most valued football teams in Forbes Magazine.

9. You have your pre-match rituals

You know that when the goal was scored it was partly because you wore your hat backwards.


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