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Behind the U.B.E.R, a first hand look at Canadas Business Reality Show “The U.B.E.R Experiment” With Executive producer Wesley Juma.

The U.B.E.R Experiment is a business reality show discussing information, ideas and passion in a car. Its unique interview nature uses a ride-sharing platform to which unsuspecting passengers are picked up and engaged in business like conversation until they are dropped off to their en-routes. What seem to be such a simple idea was not expected to become what it is today. According to Wesley, initially grasping the U.B.E.R concept wasn’t quite easy, it just seemed too simple. “When I met Marcin at the HipHaus I thought the guy was crazy. His idea didn’t completely make sense but the way he presented it did.”~Wesley~ He continued on stating how difficult the challenges were in the beginning, booking guests, finding sponsors, getting TV contracts and selling weren’t always a cake walk. Despite the initial challenges, determination and a positive perspective gave him the will to continue. Now the show is partnered with Money Magazine, Mizko Re-fuel, Gear Best, woolet and lots more. Wesley’s hard work has definitely payed, one thing he is definitely proud of is the shows IMDB page. “With everything that happened the last 2 years I’m definitely proud of what I have accomplished. I have gained a positive circle of influential people who definitely contribute to my social ecosystem. Its funny, times prior I rationalized my life as somewhat conflicted, a lot of variables really put things out of perspective. Either way I learned one important lesson, there is a working force in the world that puts you where you need to be, all you have to do is reciprocate good energy.”~Wesley

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Ubering on Forward

Both Marcin Migdal and Edward Mercer see Wesley as a young man of optimal potential. He is definitely a work in progress but should finish nicely within the upcoming years. The ending of this fairy tale is far from over, Mr Juma still has a long journey to go until getting to where he wants to be, one Uber lesson to definitely take out of this is perseverance and positivity. Anything is possible with hard work and consistency but nothing is ever done without doing!

They’re a lot of people I would like to thank to the evolving process of my character and the things that I have accomplished. In tough situations these people were definitely there to be a guiding post towards the right direction. The list is quite extensive so I will keep it discreet just for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings. I’m pretty sure they know who they are, I hope they get the chance to read this article and understand how much they mean to me.”~Wesley

We would like to wish Wesley Juma continued success on his U.B.E.R Experiment journey and all his other future business ventures. Uber heads, make sure to tell all your friends about the U.B.E.R Experiment on all your social media platforms. Also if you haven’t already, join our newsletters by adding your name to the email list.

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