sculptorsteve I'm a professional portrait sculptor trying to take hyper realism to the next level
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  • #ClaySigourney Video @SculptorSteve

    Heres the sculpture in clay before being finished in silicone #SiliconeSigourney The video is a fun homage to Sigourney Weavers series of Alien movies……..go here to see the head being finished in photorealistic silicone:   …..and more at my facebook page here:  

  • #SiliconeSigourney @SculptorSteve

    This is a hyper real silicone head of actress Sigourney Weaver. Sculpted from photos, every measurement has been meticulously calculated and applied. Made in honour of the Alien series and all involved, this is an effort to celebrate the feeling of nostalgia and evoke the memories of an era gone by. You can see more on how I brought the 1986 Ellen Ripley back to life on my FACEBOOK page…..

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