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How To Ask "Where Is The Bathroom?" In 10 Languages

So you're going to a foreign country, eh? There are a number of sentences you should memorize in that country's language, and this is definitely one of them. Scrubbing Bubbles wants you to be prepared.

When you're stranded under the Eiffel Tower:

When you need an excuse to skip the Running of the Bulls:

When the cat cafés are so cute that you need to actually take a moment:

When you need someplace to escape the cold:

When the cherry blossoms make you forget that nature is calling:

Get thee to a lavatory, you fierce gladiator.

When Oktoberfest got you like:

We hear the bathrooms in Ikea are pristine:

You when a lion gets too close to your safari group:

And in case you forget...

All illustrations by Kevin Valente / BuzzFeed

Congrats — you're ready to head abroad. Good thing, too. Scrubbing Bubbles knows what goes on behind closed doors.