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13 Bathroom Scenarios We're Not Talking About Enough

Welcome to our collective bathroom truth. Scrubbing Bubbles knows the truths and cleans the messes. Let's talk about it.

1. When the toothpaste falls off the toothbrush and lands on the sink.

2. When you lean on the sink and now your shirt is soaked.

3. When you accidentally jump in the shower before it's hot enough.

4. When you straight-up fight a co-worker for the best stall.

5. When your work Wi-Fi doesn’t reach the bathroom.

6. When you're forced to read the shampoo bottle out of boredom.

7. When you sing in the shower and realize your true talent.

8. When your roommate thinks towels don't need to be washed, ever.

9. When you're tempted to use your roommate's expensive body wash.

10. When someone tries to have a conversation with you from the next stall.

11. When you're doing your business and the doorknob turns.

12. When you lose track of time on the toilet and now the world is different. / Via RM Videos /

13. When you're blow drying your hair but you're actually in a music video.

Great! Now it's all out in the open. Don't you feel better?

Scrubbing Bubbles is revealing what's behind closed bathroom doors. Grubby tubs and all.