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11 Rules Of Bathroom Etiquette That Should Be Law

Offenders, take note. Scrubbing Bubbles is opening up a frank and honest dialogue about what goes on behind your bathroom's closed doors. Educate the masses!

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Attention, bathroom purists! Present this list to your negligent roommate as a formal manifesto. It is law.

OK, not officially law, but you know. We're gonna call Congress — they'll totally be into it.

1. Don’t use your roommate’s body wash. Oh, and filling it up with water to cover your tracks isn't going to solve any of your problems. You're bad at crime.

3. Honestly, how busy are you that you can't replace that toilet paper roll? How busy could you possibly be.

You'll tweet for 27 minutes on the throne, but you can't take 10 seconds to swap the roll? Please.

8. Hair and skin products are important. You know what else is important? Being able to turn the sink on without knocking a curling iron into the toilet.

Again — your hair game is on point, and we're so proud of you. But your beauty tools are suffocating your roommate's American Freedoms.

11. You two have the same work hours, and sometimes you go into the bathroom like 10 SECONDS before your roommate was going to.

We realize this isn't a law, and it's not even your fault. WE JUST NEED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

All illustrations by BuzzFeed / Kristin Rossi