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    Posted on Jun 6, 2014

    17 Ways To Re-Purpose Well Loved Books

    Don’t toss that beautiful hardcover, re-purpose it!

    1. Literally Too Cute Picture Frame

    2. Sweet Fabric-Wrapped Book Clock

    3. Nerdtastic Comic Book Desk


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    4. Edison Style Book Lamp

    5. Music Book Ornaments

    6. Wow-Tastic Book Desk

    7. Gorgeous Book Page Garland

    8. Chic Book Clutch

    9. Hidden Treasure Book Jewelry Box

    10. Dreamy Book Headboard

    11. Bookish Bookmarks

    12. Super(hero) Comic Shoes

    13. Classy Book Coasters

    14. Book Phone Charger Dock

    15. Roped-In Book Bowl

    16. Simply Clever Book Router Cover

    17. Book Rose Wreath

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