• ScreenParty

      Wow…. just … wow, guys… Amateurish, unprofessional “journalism” leads you to writeastory that besmirches the reputation ofacitizen on nothing more thana”trust me,Iam with the government” say-so… and when you get caught in the publicity blow-back of that action your response is to … DOUBLE DOWN on your unprofessionalism?
      Icreated an account JUST TO SLAM YOU… because we live in an age with amateurish and unprofessional media who are too busy “chasing clicks” to do their damn job… and the consequences are too costly for ALL of us when that happens.  Shame on you for your actions. Shame on you for being used by the government to commit character assassination. Shame on you for doubling down on your error. It is time to come clean… and possibly even clean house. Admit your error. Correct your deficiencies. Teach your “staff writers” what journalism really is… or face the long, slow decline into irrelevancy as people realize you are little more than just another opinion blog.

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