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27 Things That Happen In Every Episode Of 'Castle'

He's a writer. She's a cop. Time travel may or may not exist. It's time for Castle!

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1. Someone is murdered in rather an outlandish fashion.

2. Unaware of the murder, Castle hangs out at home, behaving like a four-year-old.



4. Detective Kate Beckett is on the case.

5. We discover that the victim has been acting a little weird lately.

6. Down in autopsy, Lanie is sassy.

7. Or Perlmutter is sarcastic.

8. Beckett states the obvious.

"And if they were having an affair, maybe she wasn't completely faithful to her husband. And if she wasn't completely faithful to her husband, maybe she was sleeping with someone else. You know what? I think she was having an affair."

9. Castle offers a crazy theory.

10. Beckett does not have time for Castle's crazy theory.

11. Esposito calls someone 'Bro'.


12. Ryan gets unnecessarily excited.

13. Beckett asks a crucial question.

14. Castle takes a break to show off some questionable parenting skills.

15. And Alexis demonstrates wisdom beyond her years.

How is she Castle's child?!

16. Castle returns to the office to be ruggedly handsome.

17. And to point out the possibility of ghost / fairy / Black Ops / android involvement.

18. Luckily, Ryan brings some new info to the table.

"So we're at a dead end." "Maybe not..."

19. Meanwhile, Esposito keeps it real.

20. Someone references 'Firefly'.

21. The team accuses the wrong person.

Probably because they knew the victim and had an unexplained deposit of twelve zillion dollars in their bank account.

22. Castle overreacts to something.

23. And Martha steals the scene with some timeless words of wisdom.


24. As the investigation grinds to a halt, someone snaps.

Oh no she DIDN'T.

25. Things get tense.

26. But Beckett saves the day and SHUTS THAT MURDERER DOWN.

27. Just in time for Castle and Beckett to share a Heartfelt Moment.


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