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    • screech82

      I think you completely missed what I was trying to say with that. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin the bunch was the point I was trying to get across, which you obviously completely missed. Yes some men are going to catcall and take it further, does not make it ok. Are all men going to attempt to rape you because you responded to a comment they made? simply no. Are all women actually lying cheating bitches? Also, simply no. Yet the logic is saying treat every man like he’s going to rape you because he told you that your attractive or to smile. We’re not all bad so don’t treat us all that way. If you can’t understand that I feel very sorry for you!

    • screech82

      ok fine then how about this? By most of the logical reasoning of the women here I should treat every single woman as a cheating lying bitch all for my protection of course. There are so many women that do everything they can to hurt men at every turn I should just be an outright dick to them all of the time. Catcalling, while unacceptable, is a very situational event. Being a lying cheating backstabbing bitch however can be done anytime without warning. You wanna talk human decency? try looking at the way you attack anyone trying to state an opinion or possibly interject another point of view. You want men to think more and be more polite? The journey of self improvement is always the most difficult and it’s needed on both sides. Until both sides accept responsibility there can be no advancement just more hatred. P.S.- TROLLOLOLOLOLOL

    • screech82

      Wow. People need to lighten up on both sides of the fence here. in the defense of the men hereIthink what we’re trying to say is that sometimes women can misinterpret, men do it all the time as well, an actual compliment from being harassed. example: walking down the street, seeabeautiful woman, say “wow, you are beautiful!” is intended asacompliment. promptly get told to “go fuck yourself”. wasIharassing this woman? In my opinion no, and yetIimmediately get treated likeIhad full intention of following through with some carefully planned act of harassment. As men we would appreciate it if sometimes, when the situation calls for it, we were not treated like the scum of the earth for just attempting to brighten up your day. Some guys are scumbags and by all means let them know it butIdon’t need to be lumped in with them. Thanks.

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